Time Management Tips for the Work from Home Mum

As a work from home mum, you will often feel like there are not enough hours in your day. These tips will not make the daytime any longer, but they will help you to make the most of the hours that you have.

Make a Schedule

Young children thrive on a routine, and you will find that you work more productively with a schedule as well. Keep your schedule somewhat flexible so you don’t become a tyrant tied to the clock. Set blocks of time for certain activities, rather than a very strict start and end time for each activity. Plan to work when your children nap, but make arrangements to work while they are awake as well, because naptimes will change as your children get older.

Plan Ahead

Having some things prepared before you start your day will make you feel far less stressed. End each night making a to-do list for the next day, and make it manageable. This will save you from the stressful feeling that comes when you constantly have something else that needs to be done. This also helps you be the most productive when you get your work time, because you will know exactly what you need to accomplish. You can also plan ahead by packing the diaper bag, lunches, or snacks for the next day and setting out clothes to avoid a morning scramble.

Time Management Tips for the Work from Home MumMake Family Time Count

As a work from home mum, you will have to multitask sometimes, but you need to make your play time and family time count. Put the computer away, and focus completely on your kids during these times. One way to make sure you are not pulled away from the kids by household chores is to set aside a specific time for tackling chores, and sticking to that time. Even if everything is not done, you must stop cleaning to play with, read to, and interact with your children every single day. That’s why you are a work from home mum, after all, isn’t it?

Embrace Effective Tools

While the last thing you want to do as a work from home mum is add more gadgets to your already complicated life, some tools will actually help you maximize your time. For instance, consider tracking your time on the computer using time tracking software. You may find that social networking is eating up a lot of your work hours. You may also find an email managing program to be a helpful tool. For some mums, an organized file cabinet is a vital tool, while others rely on a handheld palm device to keep tabs on all of their appointments and responsibilities.

Understand Your Family’s Needs

You must realize that something that works for one mum may not work for you. Trust yourself that you know your children and their needs. This will help you find your own groove. You also need to look inside yourself and figure out what your weakness is. Maybe you need to get off of social networking websites, or maybe you need to declutter your workspace to become more productive.