5 Steps to Feng Shui your Home Office

If you work from home, you’re lucky in so many ways. Not only can you set your own hours and avoid busy commutes, you also have the ability to decorate your home office any way you’d like. However, there are some things to consider when setting up your office. By utilizing the ancient Chinese practice of Feng shui, which involves arranging items to attract positive energy, you can realize maximum efficiency and work in balance and harmony. Here are 5 Steps to use Feng Shui in Your Home Office:

Position Your Desk for Success

Your desk is the focal point of your office and your seat of power. It should be located opposite the door and should be facing towards it, in what’s known as the command position. According to Feng shui philosophy, you don’t want to sit with your back to a door because that puts you in a position of vulnerability. If it’s not possible to do this, place a mirror on your desk or on the wall behind it so you can see what’s going on behind you.

Once your desk is in position, you’ll want to arrange the items on it to promote positive energy. Begin with a well-made, solidly constructed desk and then be sure to always keep at least half of its surface clear at all times. The best place to attract wealth and prosperity is in the back left corner, so this is ideal for your computer. The right center of your desk is best for boosting creativity and is ideal for a book, sketchpad or any item that inspires you. The front center of your desk is the career sector and therefore should be free of clutter.

Feng Shui in Your Home OfficeClear the Clutter

Nothing deadens chi, or positive energy, like clutter. Make sure your office is organized and clear of any items that don’t belong there. Corral papers and incoming mail in bins or files to keep them contained and make them easy to find.

Light Things Up

It’s important to have proper lighting in your home office. Avoid bright, industrial or recessed lights which may be too harsh or institutional. Instead, bring in a table lamp with a white shade to give soft and useful light to your work space. Be sure to use a warm or soft white light bulb, which is easy on the eyes. It helps to have a natural light source as well, such as a window, so you can feel connected to the outdoors.

Bring Nature Indoors

In addition to having a window that you can open, you should also have a plant in your home office. Plants can help relieve stress and add positive energy to your work space, as well as help purify the air. Many varieties of palms, such as Areca, Lady or Bamboo palms, work great at combating pollutants and are also easy to care for.

Make it Personal

Choose a colour for your office that suits your work style and philosophy. Reds and oranges are energizing colours; gray and white bring clarity and efficiency; blues promote abundance and a sense of calm; and brown and green tones promote growth and vitality.

In addition to colour, bring items into your office that are meaningful to you and make you feel successful and appreciated, such as awards or special photographs. These items make your office space a personal and relaxing one.

By practising Feng shui in your office, you can be sure you’re working in a peaceful and energizing space. That’s the way to get things done.

Adrienne is a freelance writer and blogger who loves sharing tips for improving quality of life. You can see more of her work on Twitter at @adrienneerin.