Stay fit working from home as a Catalogue Distributor

Let’s face it. Walking around the neighbourhood delivering pamphlets to letterboxes is not the most glamorous job in the world and is definitely not going to be for everyone, but… it does have a few benefits over other jobs that might be worth considering.

Firstly, it’s good healthy work. Walking for a few hours to deliver catalogues to the houses in your area is the sort of job that will literally add years to your life. You can read more about the benfits of walking here.

It’s a job that the kids can help with or just come along for the ride. Depending on their age, they can walk with you, or ride behind your bicycle your in a baby carriage.

To some extend you can leverage your income by delivering more than one flyer at a time. That is to say that if you deliver five flyers, it is almost the same amount of work as one, but the income is five times higher.

There are options for scaling your business by becoming an area manager and hiring the neighbours kids to deliver flyers for you.

In Australia there seems to be one very clear option for this type of work. Here are the details:

Catalogue Distributor Work from Home Job Opportunity

SALMAT pioneered letterbox delivery in Australia and do it better than anyone else, with over 20,000 letterbox Distributors ready to deliver catalogues, newspapers and samples into six million household letterboxes across Australia. If you have approximately 2-3 hours to spare, you can earn EXTRA $$$ by becoming one of Salmat’s enthusiastic and reliable Distributors delivering material into household letterboxes in your local neighbourhood.


Area Representatives – Coordinate the Delivery of Catalogues in your Area:

Salmat MediaForce, Australia’s market leader in letterbox delivery, is seeking expressions of interest from reliable and committed adults to supervise a team of Distributors (Walkers) delivering catalogues or other print material into household letterboxes..


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