My New Years Resolution!

I remember the very first time I mad a new years resolution. It was shortly after my PE teacher had asked me if I thought my parents would be happy that I had spend my $5 lunch money on 6 packets of M&Ms. I realised that I was eating quite a lot of chocolate, so I decided to slow down a bit.

That year I made a new years resolution to stop eating chocolate for one year.

Back then I was young and naive and for some reason I felt that a new years resolution was somehow powerful, or magical or something. I had no problems seeing the year out without chocolate. I was about 12 years old.

Since then I have not once managed to stick to a new years resolution. And I feel that I am not alone with this problem.

According to a recent article in the Age more than 50% of new years resolutions are the same as they were last year and some surveys show that up to 80% of people have never kept a new years resolution.

So why is it that people like me find it so hard to stick to new years resolutions?

I think that there is one very simple answer to this. We ask too much of ourselves.

I sat down this year and I wrote a list of about 10 resolutions. After doing the research for this blog post and giving it more thought I have narrowed it down to 2. And 2 easy ones at that!

One is a simple 2 minute exercise routine that I will do every morning. The second is that I will create a weekly schedule and work from it. Not that I will stick to it religiously,  just that I will keep it up to date every week. Not a groundbreaking change to my routine, but a useful improvement.

So why am I being to soft on myself?

On one side, I have come to the point in my life where actually keeping a new years resolution is almost more important to me than what I actually achieve with the resolution. Just knowing that I went 365 days without faultering will be a great boost to my self confidence.

On the other side, I would rather achieve something small than nothing at all. And I know from experience that if I make the sort of resolutions that I usually make, then I will get the same result that I usually get.

Have you made a New years resolution this year? Tell us about it.

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