Finding suitable Jobs in School Hours

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Even in today’s job market where qualified candidates are becoming harder and harder to find throughout Australia, many mums who are looking for jobs in school hours find the number of jobs available to them to be quite limited. This can be discouraging.

Before you become too discouraged and give up the quest to find a part time job opportunity, know that there are employers out there who are willing to employ you. The key is to know your capabilities, be confident in your value, and understand where to look.

Be confident

First, before you start looking for a flexible career, e.g. jobs in school hours, you need to be confident in your abilities and worth. Because these jobs are fewer in number than traditional jobs, self-confidence is a must. Be aware of and confident in your skills. You also need to know your rights and the obligations required of flexible workers. Finally, be prepared by knowing your flexibility requirements and the amount of salary you deserve and need.

What is hard for many mums who are looking for flexible work is the emotional aspect of the search. You need to view it as a matter of business, not a matter of emotion. Your maturity and expertise are being offered in return for a flexible arrangement. If you have the attitude of poise and self-confidence, it will come across as a winning option for most employers.

Knowing where to begin is the biggest hurdle many mums have to overcome. Start with our step-by-step process to get your search off to the right start.

Step 1: Review Your Goals

Before you begin any job hunt for jobs in school hours, you need to review your career goals and aspirations. What is it that you want to do with your life? Bounce ideas off of someone who cares about you, and discuss your skills and abilities. This will help focus your search as you start looking for a job. It will also show you if you have an area what you need to improve through taking a class.

Step 2: Update Your Resume

A stellar resume is the most important factor in getting your foot in the door of a potential job opportunity. However, many mums find it difficult to address their employment gap. Simply stating, “stay-at-home-mum” will fall flat in the eyes of a potential employer.

Instead, think of any unpaid work you did, such as volunteer work or even the work of managing your household, and try to turn it into a work-related description. For instance, if you spent time raising money for your children’s school, you can list communication and marketing skills. Make sure your resume is flawless in grammar and spelling, and keep it under four pages in length.

Step 3: Propose the Flexible Arrangement

If you plan to return to your existing employer, you can forgo the resume update and instead submit a proposal for a flexible work arrangement. Make this proposal a few months before your return to work, and ask the employer what you need to submit for this to be considered. If you are actively looking for a roll in a new company, state your flexibility needs at the outset of any conversation. Remember, we have a national skills shortage, so employers are more willing to negotiate.

Step 4: Search for Family Friendly Employers

Family friendly employers are those who are supportive of women and the need to work flexibly. Contact the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) or for this information. Another resource to find flexible and family friendly employers is

Find Your Own Flexible Job

Sometimes, no matter how hard you look, finding a flexible work opportunity through a traditional job venue is simply not going to happen. In this case, you may want to find your own opportunity. Set yourself up as a freelancer using your current skills to write, create websites, make designs, or consult. These skills coming from an experienced individual are highly valuable, and this will allow you to set your own schedule while still bringing in the income your family needs.

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