Testing websites is a viable way to earn money working from home. I say “Viable” rather than “Great” because it’s not going to make you rich, but you could realistically add some useful income to your monthly earnings.
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If you work from home, you’re lucky in so many ways. Not only can you set your own hours and avoid busy commutes, you also have the ability to decorate your home office any way you’d like. However, there are some things to consider when setting up your office. By… Read the rest

Hire My mum is making it even easier to find your perfect job with out new Android app, now available for FREE in the Google Play store.
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Whether you are working from home, or planning to work from home, a great way to make sure your new year gets started on the right foot is to broaden your horizons a bit by learning something new.
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When a parent works from home, the blessing of being home to care for the kids is met with the challenge of fitting in paid work, housework, picking up the kids from school and a multitude of other responsibilities that require time.
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Those searching online for opportunities will be met with literally thousands of options, but how do you know can you separate genuine jobs from the seemingly endless list of ‘get rich quick’ scams?
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I was thinking of what type of advice I could give to Hire My Mum readers and being a blogger myself I would like to “reveal” blogging as a way to earn money.
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